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CARE Housing

This project works in partnership with currently over 90 landlords to provide affordable private-rented accommodation to people who are about to become homeless or who are under threat of homelessness. CARE provides a guarantee to the landlords to cover advance rent and damage. Through the support of private landlords that use our service, over the years we have been able to find homes for over 3,500 vulnerable adults and children.

How it works for the Landlord…

When a landlord signs up their property to our CARE Rent Scheme the following services are offered;

• A guarantee of £500 against damage for the first year of the tenancy
• Find, interview and validate each prospective tenant advising the landlord of any material facts
• Offer a comprehensive administration package to include assisting tenants with all benefit documentation
• Receive all monies for rent and forward them to the landlord every four weeks, including Local Housing allowance
• Liaise with the housing benefit department, landlord and tenant to ensure that any interruption to the receipt of LHA is investigated and that benefit is up-and-running as soon as possible
• Keep the landlord updated of any changes to LHA payments and legislation
• Act as a ‘honest broker’ between the landlord and tenant with regard to:
      a) the reporting to the landlord of any issues of an emergency, repair or maintenance nature;
      b) ensuring that the tenant acts in a ‘tenant-like’ manner;
      c) act as a mediator between both parties
• Provide on-going support both for the landlord and your tenant
• Agree a support plan with your tenant if they are a family for a period of up to two years, including visits to them in the rented home to help them sustain the tenancy and check on the property
• Draw up and serve Section 21 Notice Requiring Possession on the landlord’s behalf if necessary
Carry out:
     a) a check on the condition of the property before the tenant moves in;
     b) an annual landlord’s inspection of the property during the period of the tenancy (if requested to do so by the landlord on their behalf);
     c) a check on the condition of the property at the time/after the tenant leaves the property
The only cost incurred by the landlord for this service will be a deduction of 4% plus VAT (equivalent to 4.8%) from Local Housing Allowance and top-up rent received.

How it works for the potential tenant…

If you are unable to find a bond and a months rent in advance to gain access to rented accommodation we will aim to find you a home, provided:

• You have lived in North East Lincolnshire for at least 6 out of the last 12 months, or 2 years out of the last 5 years

• Are normally in receipt of state benefits 

• Are not a current tenant of a Registered Social Provider e.g. Shoreline, L&H Homes

• Over the age of 25 unless with children

If you fall outside the above criteria, we may still be able to help, but if you explain your circumstances to us, then we can advise.

CARE is also a landlord with the following rental property;

Flats located above the CARE Shop in Cleethorpes

To apply for accommodation through CARE Housing you can either be referred by another external agency or make a self-referral.



Registered Office: 46-47 Alexandra Road, Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, DN35 8LE
Main ReceptionTel:
01472 232310     CARE Shop Tel:
01472 232312    Email: enquiries@carenelincs.co.uk
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