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CARE Parenting

This project is aimed at parents/carers and their families within the North East Lincolnshire area who want to develop and sustain positive family relationships and achieve their full potential. This is delivered through the following services;

1. Equipping Parents Course

This course is two hours a week for 8 weeks and is suitable for anyone who cares for children from birth to teens. The overall aims are:-

• To help parents understand the emotional needs of a child and how this can be done in day to day life
• To help them see they are not alone in their struggles by talking to others
• To promote good relationships between parents and their children which will weather the journey into adulthood
• To encourage parents into further learning to improve the life chances of both parents and their children
• To prevent mental health problems of their children in later life
• To prevent teenage pregnancies by increasing by increasing a child's ability to make confident choices and good self esteem
• To prevent unwanted behavior particularly in adolescence

2. Parents Challenge Course

This course is two hours per week for 8 weeks. It is suitable for parents or step parents of pre-school children or teen parents. The overall aims are:-

• To strengthen, support and promote family life
• To build on strengths, increase self confidence, learn new skills and encourage each other in their parenting
• To make new friendships and learn to support one another, bringing hope and promoting well being
• To identify any families needing extra support and signpost them to other agencies as appropriate
• To encourage further learning
• To have fun and enjoy the time spent with their children

3. Dad's Challenge Course

This course is two hours per week for 4 weeks and is suitable for dad's or step dad's with under seven year olds. The first hour is spent playing with the children including some specific play activities. The second hour children are cared for by the crèche staff and the dad's meet with the facilitator. The overall aims are:-

• To build a working relationship between the facilitator and the dad's
• To encourage the dads to play with the children and have fun
• To become at ease in an informal learning environment
• To learn some parenting skills
• To be inspired to attend the eight week course

3. Family Fun Days

These are held in school holidays and aim to promote good family relationships by offering organised family fun activities. It is also a good opportunity for us to get feedback from the children regarding our service.

4. Families & Schools Together Programme (FAST)

FAST is an award winning set of preventive/early intervention after-school programs that has dramatically changed the learning climate at schools and communities all over the world. First released in 1990, this model has changed the way many people think of parent involvement, interventions and how to keep kids safe, drug-free and in school.

The FAST Program will:-

• Connect parents and kids to their schools and communities
• Promote community service and voluntary participation
• Guide parents in building personal success assets in their kids
• Build skills and change attitudes through experiential learning
• Preserve precious classroom time through school focused, extracurricular parental involvement
• Assure that capable parents remain the primary agents of protection for their kids

To apply for Parenting support families can either be referred by another external agency or make a self-referral.

We provide in-house courses throughout the year. However, we can also provide parenting courses on a contractual basis to external agencies and organisations and can adapt our services and courses to suit the needs of their service users.

Parenting Referral Form - Download Word Doc




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